A rider, generally male in his 40's or 50's possessing the resources to buy a pro-level bike, pro-level gruppo, wind-cheating carbon fiber wheels, enough electronics for a moon landing, social/training software (See, Strava; Golden Cheetah), and often professional coaching that would be the envy of an actual TDF rider. A Fred typically spends every free moment (when not analyzing Strava data) chasing faster Fred's, climbing mountains on their bike they would not ski down, eating strange liquids and powders, and sipping ridiculously expensive coffee...all in the vain search for Ponce de Leon's elixir.
(alternative definition): the Landry's customer.
"yo, did you see that Fred riding a $7k Cervelo with carbon wheels, a Powertap and that sweet Garmin head unit?"
Functional Threshold Power.  The amount of power (measured in watts) that a rider can hold for one hour.  Typically tested by riding either an 8-minute test or a 20-minute test.  Your FTP is 90% of your 8-minute average wattage or 95% of your 20-minute average wattage.  Not to be confused with LTP (lactate threshold power).
"Yo dude -- did you see Chris' personal best on that Strava segment?  His FTP must be off the chart."
Golden Cheetah
A open source alternative to for-fee cycling performance sites like Trainer Road, Training Peaks, and Strava. Find it at
"Yo dude -- Jay and I were at the maker lab creating an entire bike on a 3D printer when we had this great idea.  Why not track our FTP based on phase of the moon?  We dropped some code on the Golden Cheetah GitHub and now we can track our waning/waxing asymmetry."
See mirror
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Acronym for Rate of Perceived Exertion.  This is how how hard you feel like you are working.  Often done on a scale of one to ten.  
"Yo RPE in Andy's spin class was like an 11 -- especially during Beyonce's 'Drunk in Love'."
See Driver
A training book by Chris Carmichael ex-coach of Lance Armstrong (see Doping and Bullying). It along with "Training and Racing with a Power Meter" is one of the better cycling fitness books available. TCC focuses on high-intensity, low-volume training -- meaning that you get the work in for a century in under six hours a week.
"Yo dude -- how do all those Wellesley guys sneak out from work in the middle of the day to go riding? I can barely get the TCC rides in without being in the dog house with the family."
According to its web site, "The UCI administers and promotes the development of the eight disciplines of cycling." The acronym follows the Frenchy word order (see FIFA) and is the official rule making body for cycling (not to be confused with the Velominate). 
"Yo RPE in Andy's spin class was like an 11 -- especially during Beyonce's 'Drunk in Love'."

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